The Arizona Blockchain Initiative


Our Mission

The Arizona Blockchain Initiative is a Tech-Ed Nonprofit focused on the social impact of decentralized technology, empowering communities by delivering access to knowledge and opportunities.


Our Projects


Our community project is our mesh network project, it applies decentralized technology to bring network access to underserved communities in Phoenix. This way we will provide the tools to gain the skills needed to fulfill existing I.T. jobs in Arizona.  

In order to create sustainability, we will be empowering and educating the community in building the network, providing the knowledge to maintain it, and creating a path to keep it viable over time.

The mission of our AZ Tech Brief is to educate community leaders, and legislators, on technology that is relevant to the citizens of Arizona. We find that in order to garner more interest, it is important to offer a localized focus on existing and upcoming tech. We understand that for our event to be successful we must focus on education, job creation, and economic development. We want to create a pool of resources to keep politicians engaged, while connecting to tech leaders when it's time to create policy.

We are supporting workforce inclusion in Arizona by designing a workshop curriculum to provide skill-building, and an introduction to careers in emerging technologies:

Front End Developer | Back End Developer | Cloud Ops | Dev Ops | Cybersecurity | UI Design | UX Design | Machine Learning + AI | Project Management | Application specialist – Salesforce  & SAP Predictive Analytics


We want to close the digital divide in Arizona by bringing technology to communities, by broadening awareness of the technological space in the state, by empowering those individuals who are pursuing a career change, or desire to gain more technological skills.


Our Allies + Partners

AZBI establishes strategic alliances with socially conscious organizations, community leaders, and engages with tech enthusiasts through events. We also connect with organizations that support existing businesses, to assess and reach their technological goals.

South Mountain High School

South Mountain High School

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Adora Creative

Adora Creative

Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council

Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council