AZ Tech Brief

The mission of our AZ Tech Brief is to educate community leaders, and legislators, on technology that is relevant to the citizens of Arizona.

The AZ Tech Brief focuses on real-world case studies of technology companies that have come to the greater Phoenix metro area and the state’s workforce needs. The event aims to enhance Arizona’s workforce by helping shape public policy that leverages the state’s potential to benefit from a current wave of growth in the tech industry.


We’re here because of collaboration…


The Arizona Blockchain Initiative, EGX, and the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center have joined forces to organize the AZ Tech Brief, a series of bi-monthly briefings which will gather decision makers, technology professionals, community leaders and elected officials, who will focus on policy and the growth, hope, and opportunities derived from new technologies. 



We find that in order to garner more interest, it is important to offer a localized focus on existing and upcoming technologies. We understand that for our event to be successful we must focus on education, job creation, and economic development. We want to create a pool of resources to keep politicians engaged, while connecting to tech leaders when it's time to create policy.


We are grateful to our wonderful connections for hosting and sponsoring our events!

September 7, 2018

Hosted by ACTIC
September 9, 2018


Hosted by GPEC
January 11, 2019

March 21, 2019

Hosted by
Sen. Tony Navarrete
March 21, 2019


Hosted by
May 30, 2019

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We're here to provide the knowledge that our decision makers don't have time to go seek. Events focus on providing information for decision makers to create good policy, set public sector strategy, and conduct robust planning to ensure the public good.


For context, here is a glossary of definitions and applications of the technologies we have in Arizona -and the companies driving progress in the state.